Monthly Update: July 2017

Welcome back, everyone, to the Auralnauts update for the month of July. I'm your host Zak. I'm a Taurus, and everything good in the world died the day I discovered I couldn't comfortably digest ice cream.

I'm not going to lie, a lot of this news is from early August. It's not that July was uneventful, it's just that August started off with a bang and I don't want to wait a full month to recap it. I'm attaching that little bit of August to July's chest and turning it into the Kuato of monthly updates. 

"Open your calendar, Quade"

The first cool thing to happen is that we landed a solid second interview for our podcast. Author Chuck Wendig joined us and we had some hilarious conversations. I've been reading his books for years now, but more recently he received the honor of writing the first canon Star Wars novels after the Disney reset. It's worth a listen for many reasons, but mostly because he discusses the fate of Jar Jar, which was entirely in his hands.

How do you follow that up? Easy, by listening to Mortal Kombat: The Album and criticizing the lyrics. We turned around a rare two podcasts in one month, and this one is something we've been talking about doing for a while. This album needs to be heard to be believed, and that is exactly what we provide for you. I've earned the right to make fun of this album, because I bought it when it first came out, blasted it on my car stereo, defended it when people made fun of it and practiced Tae Kwon Do to it. Add in Craven's musical expertise and his love of the genre and era this album tried to milk, and you get a pretty well rounded critique of what might be the lamest concept album of all time.

We also hit our channel with some intensive lust, Raiden style. Episode 6 is in the works, but it's still a little ways off, so we whipped up some new videos to keep the channel going. Before we get into those, do us a favor and watch this Gillette ad. It creates so many unanswered questions. Why did that guy take a second to confirm that his blade sleeve was empty, but then try to stick the handle in anyway? Why don't either of those guys just wash their hands? Unless the new blades arrive within minutes, they aren't shaving until tomorrow at the earliest. Why does that one asshole check himself out in the mirror after he orders blades, like he just won a contest for sexiest online shopper? We tackle these questions and answer none of them in our own version of the ad. A lot of people watched our video without being aware of the original and were just as mad at us as we were with Gillette. I guess we succeeded? You be the judge!

Our other release was the second entry in a new series that we'd like to produce regularly: Fictional Fight Commentary. This series is fun and relatively easy for us to make. As a fan of MMA and in particular the UFC, color commentating has become like a second language. Combine that with our particular brand of comedy and film criticism, and you have the FFC. This episode, Obi Wan Vs Anakin, was an interesting one, because during the writing process we discovered that Obi Wan actually appeared to be implementing a previously unknown game plan that preyed upon Anakin's overconfidence and emotions. I'm sure we're not the first ones to notice this, but it surprised us, and we've heard from some viewers that it surprised them as well. Check it out!

Last but certainly not least, Peter Mayhew saw Minus Williams, and he approves of what we did to Chewy. Can't really beat that. Unless Anthony Daniels discovered Creepio and approved of what we did to C3P0.

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