Hello, hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to yet another pile of words that are mysteriously summed up by the word “update”. The first half of 2018 has been pretty crazy and we wanted to take this opportunity to catch up with everyone.

The biggest and most obvious thing that happened was the long awaited release of Episode 6: The Last Laser Master. It took more time to make than previous episodes, but it also has the most songs, the longest running time, and the longest light sticks. We wanted to make sure we stuck the landing on this strange adventure and that it not only made sense, but was still actually fun to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet, then...how are you reading this? Seriously, Ep. 6 is maybe the biggest thing that's ever happened on our channel, but you somehow missed it and found this dinky little article? You are a puzzling yet beautiful individual. You would be right at home in a Jim's Coleslaw Shack t-shirt.

On a related note, we decided to host an Ep. 6 premiere party, and it was amazing. When we originally planned it, we figured that maybe our close friends and family would show up, and that was about it. We were blown away to see the event sell out and have people from all over the world come join us in Brooklyn, NY. We had Bishop getting people hyped with the thrum of sonic perfection.

Bishop on deck (photo credit: Amelia Beamish)

The Laser Commander made an appearance in order to go over the rules of the screening.

LAZUH COMMANDAH (photo credit: Amelia Beamish)

Littlefield even created some specialty cocktails for the event!

No Zima though. That shit is hard to find (photo credit: Amelia Beamish)

All in all it was an incredibly fun night, and we hope to do similar events in the future.

Zak (left) and Craven (right) (photo credit: come on, guys. You know it's Amelia)

Now that we have a little breathing room (I dare you to ask about Episode 7) we’ve got some other projects in the works that we’re excited to pump out. First, let's check in with our old friend Atlas from Boston Dynamics. It doesn’t look like he’s very happy about the treatment he's been receiving from BD crew.

Coming up, we’ll finally start learning about the mysterious message from Brett Farve that you heard if you made it through the Microtouch Pro Laser commercial. Before that happens, though, you can expect a full review of Solo: A Star Wars Story from the scruffy nerf herder’s own scion, Kylo Ren.

The only other news we have to share is that we won a Webby Award for “How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer”. It’s a nice thing to have in our back pocket if we ever hope to do anything more ambitious than make Youtube videos. Either way, it’ll look nice between Craven’s Emmy and Zak’s various jiu jitsu medals.

Hope you are all doing well. You are by far the best audience in existence and I would put money on you beating up anyone else’s audience. Until next time.


Craven + Zak

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