April 6, 2019


We're using the biggest cause of our headaches to try and help some people.

You’re probably as sick of hearing about copyright claims as we are of talking about them, but bare with us because we have an idea. What if YouTube's content ID system could be used to benefit an amazing organization? An organization like the good folks at Inner-City Arts?

Intrigued? Want to help out? Here's what you can do:

  1. Download the "Mortality Fight" album for free or purchase it

  2. Take any song on the album and feature at least 30 seconds of it in a video

  3. Upload that video to YouTube

  4. Let the content ID system monetize your video on behalf on Auralnauts

Then, for the next year, we'll donate profits from "Mortality Fight" ad revenue and album sales to Inner-City Arts. Check out our video, FAQs, and updates below for all the details!



Have questions about the Copyright Claim Challenge?  Here are some answers. 

  • Where can I get the tracks?
    Free download Soundcloud:
    Free download Dropbox: https://bit.ly/2uRGjjH
    Buy the album: https://www.auralnauts.com/music

  • Can channels with less than 1K subs get in on this?
    Yes, any video that is claimed despite subscription count can collect ad revenue on behalf of the claimant.


  • Should only channels that are monetized or have large audiences participate?
    No, the process should work for any video on any channel. Whether your channel is big or small, every little bit helps to spread the word.


  • How do you know the money goes to the charity?
    The sales of the album and ad revenue are hard coded numbers, and we'll be transparent with progress in monthly updates. Also, anyone is free to contact Inner-City Arts (who is aware of and on-board with the drive) about the progress.


  • Are channels in danger by participating?
    No, channels are not in danger by participating. All Auralnauts can do is say "That is our track and we choose to monetize your video" and there's no adverse effect from YouTube. Only if you fight OUR claim and both parties escalated it to legal action would your channel be at risk. That would be strange though so don't do that.


  • What if I just don't want to risk my channel?
    You can create an entirely new channel for the sole purpose of participating in the Copyright Claim Challenge. We can still claim and monetize videos on channels with no subscribers. 


  • Is this ok with Youtube?
    That's for them to decide. We're using the system in the way it was designed to work, and we're not encouraging participants to do anything that isn't already happening across the platform every day. We're just asking you to choose one of our tracks instead of some other song by another artist who will still claim your video and monetize it.


  • Will this help Auralnauts?
    We don't know, but we do know it will help Inner City Arts!

    We're trying to raise awareness around the issue of large conglomerates making FALSE claims against channels. While we think the system mostly works, there's no telling how rampant or ubiquitous false claims really are and it's just wrong that there's so little recourse for most channels to fight them.

    Maybe we've exposed a flaw? Or maybe we're just putting a new spin on monetization? Either way, this methodology could be positive for content creators and why not help an amazing organization along the way?

  • What will happen to my video after the drive is over?

We'll be more than happy to release the claim on the video at any time, either after the drive or whenever you want.

  • Does Zak need knee surgery after that epic wipe out?
    No. He made a pretty quick recovery. But his pride is still receiving physical therapy.


  • 8/3/2019
    Hello friends, it looks as though we fell off the profit precipice in July with just $0.88 for Mortality Fight. So instead of making small donations (that will be possibly wiped out by processing fees), we’ll just let those pennies accumulate for the rest of the year and make a final donation to Inner-City Arts in April 2020.

    Thanks for all your support (Auralnauts fans really are the best). Together we’ve already donated $441. Fingers crossed that those pennies add up to some more dollars for this amazing organization!

  • 7/10/2019
    Hey everyone! Thanks to your generous support, we were able to donate $137 of Mortality Fight profits in June to Inner-City Arts. Huzzah!

  • 6/5/2019
    For the month of May we donated $61 in Mortality Fight profits to Inner-City Arts. We’re still waiting on the quarterly reports from our music distributor for copyright claim revenue, but thank you all for your support. And a big shout out to one of our long time fans who surprised us with a donation directly to the cause!

    There’s still time to create and upload a video if you want to join the Copyright Claim Challenge. If videos aren’t your thing, how about this amazing t-shirt design by Theodore Matthews? All profits from the sale of this design will be donated.

    Be charitable and stylish!

  • 5/1/2019
    Thanks everyone for your contributions to the Copyright Claim Challenge! In our first month we collected and donated $243 in Mortality Fight profits to Inter-City Arts. This does not include certain music sales or copyright claim revenue which we’ll know more about after we receive quarterly reports from our other music distributors, so we’re expecting that number to go up. Plus there’s still 11 months left so let’s keep it rolling!

  • 4/7/2019
    Just in the first 24 hours of our year-long drive, we've already raised $150 dollars from BandCamp sales alone. Keep it going friends!

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