Hello, everyone. We are now two weeks away from the live Ep. 6 premiere in Brooklyn, NY and, unbelievably, the event is sold out. At no point did we expect this to happen. We thought maybe, if we were lucky, 100 people tops would find their way to our little screening, but somehow we ended up 300 strong.

Because of this, we wanted to go over some things you can expect from the event. First of all, it will be concert style, which means seating will be first come, first serve. The venue is a concert venue, after all and there is only room for 100 chairs. This would have been fine based on our original expectations, but obviously things have grown beyond our wildest imaginations. I’ve been to plenty of events at Littlefield and this setup has never bothered me, but I realize everyone is different, so I figured it was only fair to bring it up. Obviously we encourage everyone to make sure seats go to those who need them the most. Personally we plan on standing in the back where no one can see us freaking out.

"Are they laughing with me or at meeeee?!"

Next we want to go over the details of the event itself. When we originally posted the details, we mentioned screening all 6 episodes back to back. Couple of things. First of all, this made sense back when we thought no one would show up and anyone that did would be sitting down. Now that we have a house packed with beautiful people, we need to make sure no one fades out before the epic finale. Second thing is that we didn’t even have a final cut of Episode 6 when we announced the event. Now we do, and holy shit, it’s 50 minutes long, and that's without a “previously on” or end credits. When you add that to the other episodes, it totals more than three hours. Sitting or standing, that is an insane amount of time to watch Youtube videos, I don’t care how much you think you like them. We’d rather show you the shiny new stuff and then mingle with you all!

That being said, here’s how the event will play out.

  • Introduction and welcome from ya boys the Auralnauts

  • The most epic “previously on” to date

  • Episode 6 premiere

  • Brief Q&A with those Auralnauts guys from earlier

  • Dancing, featuring the sonic perfection of Bishop

  • Dance offs, where anyone is welcome to compete for prizes.

We apologize for any surprises. This is our first live event and we’re doing the best we can to make sure everyone has a good time. We’re just so excited to experience this with so many of you and we hope this will be an occasion to remember!

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