Too Many Games is an annual gaming convention run by our good friends from Silvermania. We've been working with them both creatively and professionally for years now, and they thought it might be fun if we performed some of our better known songs at this year's event. At first we thought "We're not a band. We just make videos that sometimes contain music that we happen to produce." Then we thought "Do you really want to die without ever having performed 'Sweatpants' in front of a live audience?" For years people from our channel have suggested that we try playing live, so we figured to hell with it. What do we have to lose? You know, besides time, dignity, fans, our future. Let's do this!

One of the reasons there wasn't much content this month is because we had to practice. Neither one of us had ever done anything like this, so we had to figure out how to turn a bunch of edit files into a live musical performance. I'm not really a singer either, so we also had to make sure I didn't sound like complete garbage without the help of all the processing we normally put on our voices. We eventually agreed to play two shows, one as part of the convention concert lineup, and another at a private party for the channel network we're part of. That happened first, so let's talk about it. Before we get into it, try and get through this clip.

Wasn't that radical? The bad-ass conference room carpet. The complete lack of any interest at all in our performance. DON'T YOU WISH YOU WERE THERE? Someone please go back in time and tell us to stay home. No disrespect to the organizers of that event. We know they had their hands full, and they busted their asses to help us set up, but a few things could have been done differently, in our opinion. 

No one seemed to know there was going to be live entertainment 


When you walk into a restaurant, bar or event, and you didn't know there was going to be a band, there is nothing worse than finding out there is going to be a band. Chances are they're going to suck and conversations are going to be a struggle. The best part was that we were set up right next to the entrance. People coming in seemed genuinely surprised to see us, and it probably didn't help that I pointed directly at them, gyrating my hips in a suggestive manner while screaming about the singularity.

We went on too early 

We opened with a killer DJ set provided by our good friend Bishop of In Alium, which would have put any normal human in the mood to dance, provided they had a few drinks in them. But since it was early, no even had one drink in them. In fact, everyone spent most of our set in line trying to get a drink in them. If we went on sometime between 10 and midnight, we would have burned that mother f*cker down. Bishop may have saved the entire weekend, because without his experience and the hot fire he spun, we probably would have went home that night and skipped the rest of the convention.

No one gave us an intro or outro

We just started playing. I introduced us, but who the hell am I? Oh yeah, one of the unknown weirdos ruining conversations. This event is a very tight knit community full of people that have been friends for years. Any sort of intro from a trusted member of that community would have worked wonders. Without it, I'm pretty sure people assumed we were some random DJs the organizers hired for background instead of fellow creators under the same management. We had our good friend Jarrett running visual effects with us, who is a member of that community, but it was clear that people still didn't understand what was happening. In any case, we slayed our set and then mentally prepared for our panel the next day.

Hey there, lovely people. It's Zak with another Auralnauts monthly update! We had a pretty interesting June, despite the slowness of our channel. Let's start with the most recent news, which was our first ever live musical performance.

Bishop, Craven, Zak and Jarrett

Saturday was when it all turned around. Too Many Games is an incredible event, and we were wandering around in awe at all the stuff we wanted to check out. In addition to the panels, there were about a million booths selling an unbelievable selection of old school and custom games. There was also a massive arcade but it was nearly impossible for Craven and I to get time in on something together. It was all competitive play. If you wanted to play, you had to challenge. Our panel was a blast. Everyone who attended all seemed genuinely awesome, especially a couple that drove 6 hours from Virginia to see us. If we left after our performance the night before, we would have majorly let some amazing people down. I'm glad we sucked it up and soldiered on.

And then there were the concerts...

Look at that lineup! We shared the stage with some legends, and it was an honor to do so. The vibe of this performance was also a complete 180 from the after party. The audience was super into it, and it's amazing what you can do when they're giving you energy to feed off of. The group of teenagers in the front absolutely killing the dance floor saved our lives. Here's a sample from the performance.

So thanks to the crew at Too Many Games and Screenwave! The highs were high and the lows were low, but the entire experience was more than worth it. If one slightly embarrassing situation was the only price for admission to a stellar event full of fantastic people, we'd gladly pay it again. We're also planning on doing our set during a live stream with some added bonuses for all you boys and girls that couldn't make it.

Other than that, we made a Kylo Ren ASMR video, because why not? Our Kylo is constantly trying to stay ahead of Youtube trends, and ASMR is definitely one of them. Plus the dependence on good sound for ASMR to work made it a total no brainer for us. It was originally made to be a parody, but we have received reports that it actually works as ASMR for people who experience it. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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